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ProCamera + GeoTagging Version 2.95

ProCamera + GeoTagging Version 2.95 

★ Featured by Apple ★
“ProCamera takes the iPhone camera that much closer to the real thing!” - Jeremy Kessel, mobilecrunch
"This app offers high-end digital camera features but with the ease of a snapshot-cam." - David Cleland, flixelpix
"iPhone Gets Better Image Stabilization from ProCamera App" - Gizmodo


Turn your iPhone into one of the most sophisticated digital cameras in the world, with features, even missing in expensive DSLR cameras and high-end camcorders.

+++++ NEW +++++ NEW +++++ NEW +++++

★ Exclusive in ProCamera: The next generation of GPS-assisted Photography!
Geotagging + map/satellite view + compass heading
!! Experience the trend of tomorrow: Show your friends, where AND in which direction a photo has been taken !!
✔ Storage and view of all EXIF information
★ Full support for iPod Touch 4th gen. including HD video recording

+++++ NEW +++++ NEW +++++ NEW +++++

★★★★★ Stunning photos & videos in maximum quality
✔ Video recording (HD video with iPhone 4 & iPod Touch, HQ video with iPhone 3GS)
✔ Anti-Shake image stabilizer for blur-free photos
✔ 5x digital zoom + professional image optimization
✔ Multi-shot function to shoot several photos in quick succession
✔ Fullscreen shutter for easiest handling (e.g. for self portraits & snapshots)
✔ iOS 4 Multitasking support for instant access
✔ Virtual Horizon tool: a level meter for perfectly straight photos&videos
✔ Grid guides for easy & professional arrangements

★★★★★ Expert Mode for full control (iPhone 4 + 3GS)
✔ Set and lock focus and exposure separately for even better photos & videos
✔ White Balance lock to adjust and calibrate the color temperature according to the ambient light situation

★★★★★ Photo Studio: Image optimization and creative adjustments
✔ Software flash to light up dark photos
✔ Brightness, contrast, black&white and sepia effects
✔ Manually adjust and combine all effects
✔ Use all photos on your iPhone! Taken photos + imported photos & faces

★★★★★ ease-of-use
✔ Simply connect your iPhone to any computer and import your photos and videos with any photo application. As easy as it can get!
✔ Use your ProCamera photos & videos with any other app
✔ ProCamera is a breeze to use: One finger is all you need to get the perfect shot in any situation
★ ProCamera - the only pro camera for everyone

➜ Please have a look at our website to see all of ProCamera‘s great features:
➜ ProCamera - Simply Excellent Photos


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ProCamera is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 on iOS 4 and above. Video-Recording, focus, exposure and white balance control require an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4th generation. The extended compass-geotagging requires an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4.
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What's new in Version 2.95
★ Exclusively with ProCamera: The next generation of GPS-assisted Photography:
Geotagging + map/satellite view + compass heading
-> Experience the trend of tomorrow: Show your friends, where a photo has been taken and which direction the camera was facing!
★ 3x faster saving (with iOS 4.1)
★ Expert mode: improved visibility by turning the exposure box 45 degrees.
★ Zoom slider enhancement: for better usability the zoom slider now only works in the bottom area.
★ Full iPod Touch 4th generation support
★ Optimized for iOS 4.1 and fully compatible with iOS 4.0.x


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Download our FREE iCademy™ app to receive countless tips, tricks and hidden features for your iPhone and the iOS, and a dedicated chapter about ProCamera.
iCademy™ - the most comprehensive iPhone user guide on the App Store.



++ EXCLUSIVE ++ Easy Expert Mode for full control (iPhone 4 + 3GS + iPod touch 4th generation)
★ Set focus and exposure separately for creating perfect photos and videos. Activate Expert Mode in the settings. Drag the exposure box to a darker area to light up the photo/video, then drag the focus box to the desired spot. As easy as it could be.
★ Use the White Balance button to lock the current color temperature to match the ambient light situation - get exceptionally good photos and the smoothest videos you've ever taken with your iPhone.
➜ available for photo shooting and video recording

REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


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Puri! Lite v2.5.1

Download Puri v2.5.1

Puri! 2.1.3

The photo sticker application chosen by more than 600,000 users worldwide. It's the perfect expression tool for budding artists, families and friends.

The high-quality collection of frames and stamps gives you virtually limitless choices to decorate your favorite photos into gorgeous purikura. You don't need to be a pro in photography to use Puri! - it's so easy to use that even your 3-year-old can give a golden touch of life and beauty to an ordinary photo.

The ** new 2.0 Release ** brings you even more fun with a brand-new user interface that looks so good it'll make you cry with joy. We have revamped and improved all features in Puri! and added many more exciting ones!

== Features == (**ALL NEW AND IMPROVED**)

* Turns your photos from your camera and albums into Purikura
* 277 high-quality stamps - freely scalable and rotatable
* 140+ high-quality frames - this vast collection includes both horizontal and vertical frames
* 70+ vertical frames
* 69 horizontal frames
* Smart, shining user interface - easy to use and never gets in your way. You can even edit with your phone inverted!
* Speech bubbles - the writer in you is bursting to show its talents
* Improved editing system - edit your saved photos any time you want
* Improved antialiased freehand drawing - more flexible, more choices, easier to use!

== User Testimonials ==

Let's see how our users give **5 stars** to Puri! (**)

US App Store, 2009-04-27 "For a creative teenage this app is awesome!! LOL I love it "

US App Store, 2009-03-06 "Wow, very cute app! ... love the adorable chops, they look so professional ..."

Canada App Store, 2009-04-25 "Love it!!! Keep the backgrounds coming, it's adorable"

Australia App Store, 2009-05-19 "Awesome just needs more effects!!!! But I wuv it"

Singapore App Store, 2009-04-26 "The Best Puri Maker for Iphone"

HK App Store, 2009-04-28 "好正,製作完可以放係相簿。" (It's great, I can put the finished photos in Photo Album.)

== Community ==

Proud of your newest creation? Want to announce it to the world? Join our community at ** Incompatible Browser | Facebook ** - post your artwork there, and make new friends!

Are you an artist? Love drawing? Submit your own frames and stamps to Puri! and get it included in our next version!! We'll put your name in our credits and help page. Space is limited!!

(*) Official download statistics from iTunes Connect, includes both Puri! and Puri! Lite users.
(**) Comments collected from both Puri! and Puri! Lite App Store pages.

== FAQ ==
Q: I'm only seeing 6 frames and 6 stamps?
A: Those aren't frames or stamps - those are categories. Tap them to see the frames and stamps inside.

Q: Where is the text button?
A: You can get simple text back by setting the speech bubble's colors to 100% transparent.

Tags: sticker photo, purikura, puri, 貼紙相
What's new

- 40+ new frames!
- 20+ new vertical frames
- 20+ new horizontal frames
- 78 new stamps for Christmas!
- Fixed Facebook export

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