Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Hipstamatic 190 complete addon 5hipstapak & 2goodpak

Uninstall all previous hipstamatic apps

Download and install hipstermatic 190 from apptrackr.org or fileape download

Download this file

Replace the folder Application Support over here /var/mobile/Applications/hipstamatic/Library/

Replace com.syntheticcorp.hipstamatic.plist over here /var/mobile/Applications/hipstamatic/Library/Preferences

Respring and you should get five hipstapak and two goodpak

Willamsburg Starter Hipstapak
The Portland Hipstapak
Shibuya Hipstapak
Camden Hipstapak
Mission Hipstapak

Dali Museum Goodpak
Levi's Photo Workshop Holiday Goodpak

New for Hipstermatic 190
Added new flash : Cherry Shine
Added new film : Claunch 72 Monochrome

After the 190 addon, you should have
9 lens
11 flims
7 flashes
4 cases

John S
Kaimal Mark II
Helga Viking
Lucifer VI
Roboto Glitter
Bettie XL
Salvador 84

Ina's 1969
Ina 1935
Kodot XGrizzled
Blackeys B+W
Blackeys SuperGrain
Clanuch 72 Monochrome
Alfred Infrared

Cherry Shine
Cadet Blue Gel
RedEye Gel
Laser Lemon Gel
Berry Pop

Classic Black
Eggshell White
Dali Dreamscape
Festive Plaid
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MyDocs (Folder Protect+Multi-File Upload+Reader!) Version 2.6

Do you find it frustrating not being able to use your iPhone to freely transfer files? Would you like to be able to view your documents and pictures more easily? Are there some files you’d prefer to keep private? Do you want to upload videos or music to your iPhone via WIFI? MyDocs can help you solve these problems! It can transform your iPhone into a file manager, enabling you to view all your files on your iPhone!

Key Features:

- Multiple transfer methods available! Not only can you transfer files via WiFi and USB, but you can get files uploaded to or downloaded from Google Docs as well.

- No client necessary, no OS limit! When transferring files using WiFi, there’s no need to install any client on your desktop computer, all you need to upload or download is a browser.

- Supports wireless batch uploads.

- Built-in video and audio player, with auto resume function (plays media from where you quit your previous session).

- Built-in multiple document readers that let you pick up where you left off last time.

- Built-in special use TXT reader, specifically designed for reading txt novels over a long period of time!

- Supports folder creation, and also allows you to designate an access password for each folder.

- Allows files to be sent as email attachments.

- Any photos you take or text you input can be directly saved as files.

- Your 20 most recently visited files are listed on the main interface, allowing quick access (files stored in encrypted folders do not appear in the list).

- Opening methods for most file formats can be exchanged with other applications, e.g. you can open the email attachments, or use other applications to open files in MyDocs.

- MyDocs can directly open the following file types: (other unsupported formats can still be stored or transferred to other software to be opened)

Video: MP4, MPV, M4V, 3GP, MOV

Audio: MP3, WAV, M4A, AAC, CAF


Text: HTM / HTML, TXT ...

Picture: JPG / JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, TGA ...

We also have a number of other equally innovative products:


『WalletSpy』is a personal financial tool designed for busy people who are not financial experts but who want to be able to keep a convenient, straightforward record of their expenses. It has an easy-to-follow wizard style interface which guides you effortlessly through entering your financial data, and a simple and clear interface allowing you to monitor your transactions. Most importantly, it can be synced up with Google Spreadsheets to maximize the security of your data. Your records will be synchronized into separate Spreadsheet files by the month and you can then use the various Google Spreadsheets features to work with and organize your records, including statistics, making reports or saving files in other formats like Excel, OpenOffice, PDF, CSV, HTML, Text and so on. If you take photos of receipts or the actual items you’ve purchased, the photos can also be synced up to Picasa Web. You can also use your Google account to synchronize your records with any of your iOS devices.


Show you photo when charging,and remind you when charge full.

Purchase url:BatteryShow for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

PhotoBox Version 1.1

The only iPad app that lets you pan and zoom your images on an external display! PhotoBox ranked No.1 iPad photography app in almost 20 countries. Read more...

With PhotoBox, hook your iPad up to a projector to show your photos on the big screen for a deeper analysis and critique and quickly check the technical quality of your pictures analyzing color, exposure and sharpness.
Hook up to the big screen
Connect your iPad to a VGA projector or large screen using the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter (sold separately) and tap on an image to have it instantly appear for all to admire or discuss. Pan and zoom on the iPad and the image on the big screen will also be panned and zoomed. To show a different photo, simply tap on its image on your iPad screen. No need to put images in a sequence or wait for a slideshow to show the photo you want.

Check your photos
Designed as a tool for photographers on the go, PhotoBox analyzes the technical quality of images imported from camera to iPad via the iPad Camera Connection Kit (sold separately). Photos can instantly be analyzed in terms of exposure, focus, color, and overall look and composition, making sure that you do not leave the shooting location without a usable picture.

• Shoot pictures on your camera and transfer them to the iPad using the iPad Camera Connection Kit. (You can also use other means to get the photos into your iPad photo library)
• Launch PhotoBox
• Tap to select a photo and get color and luminance histograms
• Quickly see the full photo or inspect it pixel by pixel (1:1 view)
• Zoom into your photos to see all details
• Use buttons in the button bar to toogle shadow and highlight clipping display

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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Rimelands Hammer of Thor Version 1.2

Enter the frostbitten realm of Rimelands, where mankind with fantastic technology powered by
an enigmatic substance called Steam is forever at odds with the magical creatures of legend called the Fair Folk.

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is an epic adventure full of mystery, intrigue and high adventure. Join Rose Cristo, a young and beautiful treasure hunter on her journey to unveil the plot that could tear the world apart. With both magic and Steam-techonology at her disposal, she'll have to overcome threats both human and supernatural.
Rimelands has the best parts of roleplaying games combined with intriguing story and puzzles to create a varied experience free of endless grinding.

"Rimelands throws in the pot an excellent storyline and setting, great graphics, a deep and varied RPG system and superb replayability to serve the iDevice gamers one of the best RPG games on the platform. " Touchmyapps.com

"Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is certainly shaping up to be a game that RPG fans will be spending many hours playing through." - Pocket Gamer

* Full-fledged RPG designed specifically for iPhone and iPod
* Simple but powerful game mechanics are easy to learn but hard to master
* Design for easy pick up and play with automatic saving
* A story of high adventure that's a world apart from traditional fantasy cliché
* Three paths and talent trees provide countless customization options and depth for several play-throughs


Version 1.2

FileDude - Super Simple File Hosting

Version 1.1.1

Rimelands Hammer of Thor(v1.1.1)_cr_by_dr_shiny.ipa

arm6 fileape download



FileDude - Super Simple File Hosting

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Glee Karaoke Version 2.0

The #1 music app in 17 countries, Glee Karaoke makes you sound like a star. Sing your heart out to songs from the hit TV show while a little magic helps you sound amazing.
**iPod touch 4G users we are working on a fix asap for the mic issues**

Do you have what it takes to make it to the top? You’ll find out as you compete with people all over the world! Enjoyed over 4.7 million times, Glee Karaoke lets you sing, compete and share with the world.

**NEW Season 2 Song Released: "Billionaire"!**
>>>#1 music app in 17 countries including the US, Canada, Australia and Mexico
>>>Top 10 music app in 74 countries

"The thrill begins once you start singing into this app. You cannot sound bad. Period." – David Pogue, NY Times

Can’t carry a tune? Don't worry, Glee Karaoke enhances your voice with pitch correction, harmonies, and a little reverb to sweeten the deal. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and let loose!

Glee Karaoke gives you real-time feedback so you’ll sound better each time you sing. Starbursts and colorful guides show you how well you are singing so you can improve as you go. Look for helpful comments and encouragement from Gleeks all over the world!

Winning never sounded so good! Think you have mastered your favorite song? See if you have what it takes to make it onto the daily starburst leaderboard with your performance. Ready to take on the world? Compete with fellow users around the globe to collect the most starbursts. Complete fun missions to level up and earn starbursts faster than ever. Watch as you climb the ranks!

Share your songs with Gleeks around the globe. Broadcast your performances on your own radio tower, right from the app, for others to enjoy. Listen to others sing and add your own voice to their recordings. Don’t forget to include your friends. Share your songs on Facebook, Twitter and email and invite them to sing along.

New songs released each week! Earn your first free song after a quick tutorial, with opportunity to earn more free songs as you level-up. Sing songs from this week’s episode or your all time favorites like ‘Poker Face,’ ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Take a Bow’. New songs, complete with lyrics, pitch timings and harmonies, can be purchased within the app each week for $0.99.

Recent press quotes on Glee App:

“If you are a fan of Glee or singing in general, this is an app I can 1000% recommend. It’s fun, it’s inventive and it’s just Gleetastic!” – Christina, Mashable

“Smule has released a Glee iPhone app. My little sister's head just exploded" – Anthony, VentureBeat

“For those who don’t have the pitch-perfect pipes of say, Rachel and Kurt, the application will adjust the pitch of the singers’ voice. In addition, the software will automatically harmonize the singer’s voice, creating an effect that sounds as if three-people are performing together.” – New York Times

“Users can create their own Glee clubs to record a song with multiple friends from around the world, all singing the same song.” – Billboard Magazine

“Whoa. Actually, I'm listening to four people singing versions of this at once. I don't think this is happening live, but that each person has layered their own singing over the track. Too cool.” – Gizmodo

All music available in the App is specially mastered and arranged. The unique pitch correction and vocal harmony software in Glee was developed by Smule for Glee and is not the same Antares Auto-Tune found in Smule's I Am T-Pain App.

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (iPod Touch 2nd gen and later required). External mic needed on iPod touch and 1st gen 2G iPhone.

Questions? Write support@smule.com or twitter @smule.
What's new

- Level up with fun missions and singing challenges.
- Compete for high scores on every song, and for overall global stardom.
- Improve your singing, and receive feedback right from your audience.

Plus everything you loved from the original Glee app!


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Rally Master Pro 3D (US) Version 1.3.0

Rally Master Pro™ is the ultimate rally experience for your iPhone!
appadvice 5/5 - absolute must:
Rally Master Pro 3D is now the best racing experience on the iPhone. The game features the best handling, best looking, and most fun of the three main racing games. The only thing it lacks is online connectivity, but it is really unnecessary in this game.
Race in amateur, professional and expert rallies on 27 ambitious and varied tracks, in any weather, with tough conditions, at top speed.
Experience how the driving behaviour changes based on the road surface, weather and condition of your vehicle and always pay attention to your co-pilot and his announcements. Only if you know what the road ahead looks like you will be able to drift smoothly through the curves and make it under the strict time limits.

Keep an eye on the damage model of your car and use the repair option between the races to get your vehicle fixed for the next race or you won’t get far.

Study your last race in the interactive replay with numerous vehicle and TV cameras to memorize each curve and perfect your driving style.

- Game modes: Career, Time Trail, Adrenaline
- 27 varied tracks with different road conditions
- 3D damage model with repair mini games
- Weather simulation
- Touch and tilt controls with individual settings
- Online Highscores

You know how to drive? Prove it and get Rally Master Pro™ now!

Not sure about it? Check out the official game trailer on YouTube in our “fishlabsgames” channel!

What's new in Version 1.1.1
iOS4 compatibility


Version 1.3.0
fileape download

Version 1.1.1

FileDude - Super Simple File Hosting

Version: 1.1.0

Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: RMP-v1.1.0_iphone-i.net.ipa
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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Verizon iPhone Will Be Announced On January 11th

It looks like iPhone is finally coming to Verizon. Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Verizon will announce the introduction of Apple’s iPhone at the media event on January 11th.
The largest U.S. wireless carrier will make the long-awaited announcement at an event Tuesday in New York City, a person familiar with the matter said Friday.
WSJ claims that according to their sources, Verizon iPhone will be similar to iPhone 4 but will work on Verizon’s CDMA network.

As we had mentioned earlier, folks at Gizmodo who had leaked videos and photos of iPhone 4 before it was released have not been invited at the event, despite having good relationship with Verizon, which further indicates that the Verizon media event is Apple centric.

http://www.iphonehacks.com/images/09-Oct/iphone-verizon.jpg Here's what's key: We're great friends with Verizon. (Hi guys!) We've worked with them for years, and we've been to like every event they've had over the last three years. We haven't gotten an invite. Which is weird. We've reached out to Verizon to see why, exactly, we weren't invited, but we've gotten no comment yet. (Update: Verizon's official response is a big ol' no comment.)

Meanwhile, All Things Digital reports that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is likely to be present for media event:
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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Nike+ GPS v2.3

The Nike+ GPS app helps you get the most out of every run by tracking where you go and motivating you to take it further.

- Download it on the go and start running anywhere. With this app in hand, you can track every indoor and outdoor workout easily, without a sensor.

- Record your pace, distance and run route using the iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer technology so you can focus on the road ahead, and relive your run later.

- Anytime you’re up for a challenge, push farther, faster, or longer to better reach your goals. Then celebrate your victories with fun, motivational messages from Nike’s top athletes.

- As you run, get voice feedback on how you’re doing or tap the map to see where you are. Then activate your personalized PowerSong for an extra boost.

- Quickly send each run to Nikeplus.com where you can brag to friends, join challenges, set goals and connect with the rest of the Nike+ community.

- Cheer Me On: Tell your Facebook friends you’re going for a run and get mid-run encouragement each time one of them likes or comments on your status.

- One More PowerSong: Blast past your goals and records by running the duration of one more song.

- Share Run: Broadcast your accomplishments to the world via Facebook and Twitter.

- My Records: View your best runs and see if you’ve got what it takes to break them.

- The Nike+ GPS app was designed for the iPhone, but it’s also compatible with the iPod touch (without the mapping capabilities). Some features such as Share Run and Cheer Me On require users to be connected to a wireless network for full functionality. Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

-COMPATIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: The Nike+ GPS App is compatible with iPhone3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch (2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations) running iOS 4.0 or later.

What's new in Version 2.1
- Shuffling within playlists now enabled
- Updated Cheer Me On feature
- Improved Facebook posting
- Bug fixes


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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Icy Installer is Back!

Icy Installer is Back! If you don’t know who RipDev is then you must be new to the scene. To keep it short, when the first iphone was jailbroken in 2007 RipDev made Installer which was the Cydia of iPhone's back in the day. It didn’t last long though because Saurik broke into the scene and took over with Cydia. RipDev tried to make a comeback with ICY a new and fast debian package installer but it didn’t stick and they quit development on it a year ago. However now WeAmDev has picked up where RipDev left off and has brought back Icy!


  1. Open Cydia and make sure http://www.sinfuliphonerepo.com is added to your sources
  2. Tap on Sections > SiNfuL iPhone and install Icy
  3. Here is the deb file if you want to manually install Icy v2.0.1b1

Also don't forget to add SiNfuL iPhone to your Icy sources once you get it installed.

Icy -> Sources -> Edit -> Plus Sign -> Select "Custom" -> Add -> http://www.sinfuliphonerepo.com -> Add -> Done -> Then hit the REFRESH icon to refresh the source!

I tested it out and it actually works pretty damn good! Also as most of you might already know I updated the repo to include a nice new layout which is 100% compatible with Icy. Even the screenshots which are not working well in Cydia right now are working PERFECT in Icy!


Alright well after using Icy for a few days I felt it was necessary to give an honest evaluation which is that this app just isn't 100% fully there yet. There are still several issues that need to be worked out before it can even come close to being a Cydia Killer. My advice is to just keep using Cydia for now and only use Icy as a backup resource.

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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

IntelliScreen 4.8.3

*** "Must have" - acclaimed by users and press **
Need to know where your next meeting is? Do you have any new email? What about a quick glimpse

at your SMS/Text messages or weather? Want to catch the latest news, but Safari is too slow?

IntelliScreen allows you to glimpse at your critical data on your iPhone "Slide to Unlock"


- View Calendar, Email, Text Messages, News, Sports, and Weather from your iPhone "Slide To
Unlock" screen
- Taskbar Icons for Missed Email, SMS, and Phone calls - QuickView/Preview Entire
- View/Mark Read/Unread/Delete your Emails and SMS from the Lock Screen - 2 

- Double Tap the Clock Area to goto Page 2 - Hide IntelliScreen w/ a Swipe to the left on

Clock Area
- Swipe Right to get it back - Customizable Alert Reminders
- Reminders for missed calls, unread emails/SMS, or Calendar Alerts - Vibrate, Sound, or

Flash Alerting with Alert Quiet Time

- IntelliAlerts crashing issue
- Messages behind IntelliScreen such as "No Sim Card"
- Text Message sound fix (4.2.1)
- Power button behind intelliScreen when on LockScreen
- Quickview for Calendar
- Quickview for Mail (4.2.1)

Needs a lot of stuff from Cydia before install:
libactivator, intellishared ,statusbaricons
install the app with Cydia then install the deb without uninstalling the Cydia app

Install ONLY with terminal/iFile/Cyberduck/WinSCP please update intellishared to 4.8.1 before install





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Monday, 3 January 2011

New SHSH Blob Extractor For Your iOS Device [Work In Progress By iH8Sn0w]

@iH8Sn0w – the man behind Sn0wbreeze [aka PwnageTool for Windows], AUTOSHSH, F0recast, iREB, iDetector and few other useful jailbreak tools/utilities has started working on a new Utility, which will save your iOS device’s SHSH Blob.

This new utility – SHSH Blob Extractor is different from TinyUmbrella & AutoSHSH. How ? It extracts SHSH blob right from your iOS Device not from Apple. This is an awesome feature because, you can save SHSH blobs for whatever firmware the device is running even if Apple stopped signing for it.

That means, If your device is running iOS 4.1. With this utility, you can save SHSH blob for iOS 4.1. Though Apple Stopped Signing For iOS 4.1. This is not possible with TinyUmbrella or AutoSHSH currently.

As you know, @comex is working on untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak, which requires SHSH blob for iOS 4.1. So, in case if you haven’t saved you SHSH blob, you don’t have to worry about it. Because, once the utility is ready for primetime, you could save your SHSH blob.

There is no ETA as yet so stay tuned!

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Tweetie 2 Version 2.1.1

The Twitter client that redefined Twitter clients is back, and it's even better. Rewritten from the ground up with a fast and powerful new core, Tweetie 2 offers the most polished mobile Twitter experience around.

- Seamlessly handle multiple Twitter accounts
- Explore all of Twitter, from your own timeline and mentions, to the favorite tweets of your followers and friends
- Full persistence: more than just caching tweets, Tweetie 2 restores your entire UI if you quit or get a phone call
- Fantastic new offline mode. Read, tweet, favorite, follow, save to Instapaper and more even when you don't have a connection. Your actions will be synced as soon as you go back online
- Full landscape support (configurable of course)
- Live-filter your tweet stream
- Post photos and videos, even configure your own custom image host
- Vastly improved compose screen with recent hashtags, @people picker, URL shortening and more
- Compose screen multiple-attachments manager
- Drafts manager ensures you never lose a tweet (and you can even send drafts to Birdhouse)
- Link Twitter contacts to Address Book contacts
- Follow, unfollow, block and unblock from multiple accounts simultaneously
- Saved searches sync with Twitter.com and the upcoming Tweetie 2 for Mac
- Autocomplete recent searches and Go-to-user
- Threaded Direct Messages and improved conversation navigation
- TextExpander integration
- Rich integration with Follow Cost, Tweet Blocker, Favstar.fm and more
- Edit your own Twitter profile
- Specify custom API roots on a per-account basis
- Nearby map view
- Translate tweets
- Preview short URLs
- Safari bookmarklet support for easily sharing links
- In-app rich text email composition
- Tons of little things, including improved avatar caching, auto-refresh, refresh-all, seamless Twitlonger support, hashtag definitions and more
- This is just the beginning. Tweetie 2 is already built to take advantage of great new features coming from Twitter, so expect updates turning them on soon!
What's new

- OS 3.2 compatibility
- Foursquare (4sq.com) integration
- Vodpod video uploads
- Post 'message' parameter to TwitPic
- Remove Vid.ly
- Instapaper Mobilizer

ScreenShots :



2shared - download Tweetie_2-v2.1.1-Jack-92.ipa

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BUZZ Player Version 1.4

BUZZ Player is a multimedia player supporting many audio and video codecs and file formats, and various streaming protocols.

☆ BUZZ Player can play almost anything, including:
+) Container formats: 3GP, AVI, ASF, FLV, MKV (Matroska), MOV (QuickTime), MP4, NUT, Ogg, OGM, RealMedia, Bink, WMV, XVID, DIVX.
+) Video formats: Cinepak, DV, H.263, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, HuffYUV, Indeo, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part 2, RealVideo, Sorenson, Theora, WMV, Bink
+) Audio formats: AAC, AC3, ALAC, AMR, DTS, FLAC, Intel Music Coder, Monkey's Audio, MP3, Musepack, RealAudio, Shorten, Speex, Vorbis, WMA, Bink.

Supported video quality:
Up to full HD quality (1920 x 1080 pixels) for Quick Time media files (mp4, mov, m4v, mpv)
Up to DV quality (720 x 576 pixels) for other media files (flv, mkv, wmv, avi, asf, divx, xvid, dat, vob, mpg…)

☆ BUZZ Player support almost subtitle types including srt, a*s, ssa, msi, sub and embedded subtitle, it also can display almost languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, English, French, Italian, German, Thai, Vietnamese… BUZZ Player also allow user to change various settings of subtitle such as font color, font size, font type, position, timing offset.

☆ BUZZ Player supports various protocols: RTP, RTSP, HTTP, FTP, MMS, Netstream (mpst://), SMB, ffmpeg://, that allows user not only play media files from local but also play media files from remote servers and devices. User can use BUZZ Player to connect to their IP cameras and servers to play media from them.

☆ BUZZ Player also Built-in Network Browser allows user to play and copy files from Widows/Mac/Linux PC, remote FTP servers and Media Server (uPnP). (SMB & FTP & uPnP Support). (Note: uPnP will be available in the next week)

☆ BUZZ Player can play media files from external application such as mail, readers...

☆ BUZZ Player support url schema that allow to call BUZZ Player from web browser in your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

☆ BUZZ Player can remember playing position of media file at stop time and automatically resume at the next time. (Note: this feature will be available in the next week)

We are working hard everyday to add new features to BUZZ Player, so BUZZ Player is always up to date, it contains the most advanced technology and brings the most comfortable to end users.

Let's use BUZZ Player from today and feel what excellent it could do!

NOTE: BUZZ Player supports iPhone/iPod Touch generations from iPhone 3GS, 4G, iPod Touch gen 3, 4 and iPad... But for the better performance and user interface of iPad, you should choose BUZZ Player HD (BUZZ Player HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store) for your iPad. With lower generations of iPhone/iPod Touch: iPhone 2G, 3G, iPod Touch gen 1, 2, you can choose BUZZ Player Classic (BUZZ Player Classic for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store).
What's new

☆ Add Built-in Network Browser allows user to play and copy files from Widows/Mac/Linux PC and remote FTP servers. (SMB & FTP Support).

☆ Add feature to display embedded subtitle in videos files.

☆ Add feature to allow user to call BUZZ Player to play media files from external application such as mail, readers...

☆ Fix TVOut problem when using AV Component Cable.

☆ Fix screen aspect problem when play DVD file.

☆ Fix bug when play RTSP stream video with authentication.

What's new in Version 1.4
☆ Add Air Video support for Built-in Local Network Browser
With Air Video support, you can browse, play media sharing files from Air Video Server on your PC for good video quality with live conversion video format feature of Air Video Server. Read more detail on "Browse Local Network" topic
☆ Add feature to disable iTunes USB Sharing
This feature allow you to disable synchronize your Documents folder of BUZZ Player on Device when needed (such as when update new version of BUZZ Player from iTunes)
☆ Add function sort Files/Folders: allow you to sort files, folders on device or local network by name, date, file type, file size...
☆ Add function to remember user name / password for Local Network Connection so that you don't need to retype them next time open local network
☆ Improve some functions: display subtitle on more than one line when needed, save text encoding of subtitle
☆ Fix some bugs: miss some network contents, turn screen 180 degree on start up…

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5 in 1 Bluetooth Tool Box Version: 1.0

The best working Bluetooth Application is now free for a long time

“5 in 1 : Bluetooth Tool Box” is the best Bluetooth AppBox for your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. This Tool Box contains 5 unique Bluetooth utility app, which are -


Chat with anyone using My Chat from your device.

Share & receive photos with your friend’s iPhone!

Turn your iPhone into a Walkie Talkie and talk with your friends. No talk time limitations!

Share any contact from your iPhone to your friend’s iPhone instantly.

Become a Prankster! Stun your friends with funny fart sounds. Make your friend a victim and select fart sounds from your iPhone which he/she will listen on their own device!

NB: To enjoy the features of “5 in 1: BLUETOOTH TOOL BOX” – both you and your friend have to download the application in your devices.

*************** ALERT !!! ***************
While in My Chat, Photo Share & in Contact Share – Please don’t send photos/contacts from two devices simultaneously.


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iPhone Alarms Still Not Working Yet

As you might know, iPhone alarms didn’t work on New Year’s day 2011 for many users.

Apple had acknowledged the iPhone alarm bug and had reassured users that the issue will resolve itself on January 3rd.

But it’s January 3rd and the news is trickling in that the iPhone alarm didn't work for some users resulting in them being late to work on the first working day of 2011.

Some site like Engadget has also confirmed that users are still complaining about the issue. The iPhone alarm bug affects only non-recurring alarms.

If you hit the issue then the only option to avoid it, is to set the alarm as a recurring alarm rather than a one time alarm by following these steps:

* Launch Clock app
* Tap Alarm
* Tap Edit
* Tap the appropriate alarm
* Tap Repeat
* Set a repeat interval
* Tap Save
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ShapeWriter Pro Version 3.5.0

Enter text on your iPhone in a new, fast and fun way!

Built on many years of scientific research at the IBM Almaden Research Center, ShapeWriter is a revolutionary text input method that frees you from the constraints and frustrations of a conventional method. Simply slide your finger on the gesture-keyboard and lift to complete an entire word. ShapeWriter's intelligent algorithms can turn the single gesture stroke into your intended word. For example, a stroke from F to U to N on the keyboard will be recognized as the word "fun". Ignore repeat letters. For rare names and acronyms, type only once and you will be able to shape write the next time.

What the reviewers say about ShapeWriter:

" I am completely astounded by this app. This is so fast and fun and accurate way of writing and I am just on the beginning of the learning curve. This is crazy." - ZDNet

" 14 must-have iPhone apps " - Examiner.com

" The mobile future of the keyboard " - New Scientist

" Top 10 mobile applications " - 2009 Razorfish Digital Outlook

" Top 10 iPhone Apps for Girls " - TotallyHer.com

" Top 11 iPhone Applications " - Time.com

" A revolutionary break through" - jkontherun.com

What the users say:

"'Revolutionized typing' is the understatement of the year. This technology should be part of every keyboard on all touchscreens. Someone nominate these software developers for a Nobel. No Joke"" Wow, wow, wow. I initially was skeptical, but I am totally and completely impressed with the product. Good interface, easy to use. Wow! "" This is the first time I have actally liked an app so much that I felt compelled to submit a review. After maybe a minute and a half using this app I already miss it in writing this review."" I wouldn't type with anything else. "" Increases typing speed by at least 4 times if not more. Truly amazing"" Absolutely astounding "" turning the tide in the touch screen vs. plastic keyboard debate "" I can finally write a decent length email from my iPhone without wanting to kill myself"" This program is so fun it's hard to put down "" Coolest. Thing. Ever."


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